Unienzyme Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Price

About Unienzyme Tablet 

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Unienzyme Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Price

Unienzyme Tablet is utilized for acid reflux, stomach gas, tooting, swelling intestinal gas, headache, harming and so on. It has Activated charcoal, Papain and Fungal Diastase which help in separating starches and proteins and additionally expelling poisons from stomach and gastrointestinal tract.


Unienzyme Tablet is for the most part used to enhance assimilation however there are a few different uses where it could be taken:-



Stomach gas 

Stomach Bloating 



Stomach Discomfort 

This is a non-comprehensive rundown and there may be different utilizations and advantages of the Unienzyme Tablet too. Kindly don't take this drug since somebody has taken it with comparative side effects. It would be ideal if you counsel a doctor or an expert before utilizing the medication.


Aside from the employments of Unienzyme Tablet, there could be sure symptoms related with the medication. If it's not too much trouble allude to the rundown beneath:-


Dull Stools 


Loose bowels 

Stomach hurt 

Excruciating pee 

Dark dung 

Skin disturbance 

While a few side effects could be normal, there are a couple of uncommon side effects. In the event that you feel any side effect (regardless of whether it is specified in the above rundown), it would be ideal if you counsel a specialist in a split second. Additionally, counsel the specialist on the off chance that you create rashes. The above rundown may not be comprehensive and please report on the off chance that you have some other indications. These side effects turn out to be more unmistakable when one is inclined to a more drawn out utilize.

Creation and Dosage 

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Unienzyme Tablet - Uses, Side Effects, Dosage, Price

Unienzyme Tablet is produced using Activated Charcoal (75 mg) which helps in assimilation of poisons from the body, Papain (60 mg) which helps in separating proteins in the body and accordingly helps in absorption and Fungal Diastase (100 mg) which is a characteristic expert stomach related compound that aides in separating sugars. Unienzyme Tablet ought to be utilized as a part of recommended amount by the specialist. It is encouraged to take this prescription with sustenance or instantly after a feast.

You can purchase Unienzyme Tablet from a nearby drug store and there are numerous bland variations accessible also. The medication is viewed as cheap by mainstream conclusion. It arrives in a piece of 15 tablets and it can be utilized by alluding to the solution. If you don't mind check the expiry of the bundle. It is produced by Unichem Laboratories Ltd.

How to utilize Unienzyme Tablet? - Swallow the tablet in one go and don't bite it. Utilize the dose as recommended by a specialist.

Master Advice 

How can it function? Enacted Charcoal is valuable in the assimilation of synthetic compounds and poisons by authoritative with them and counteracting it to be consumed by the body. It is then pushed out of the body. This additionally helps in the retention of supplements. Papain and Fungal Diastase are star stomach related chemicals that assistance in separating proteins and sugars separately and along these lines enhancing processing

.Patients with stomach draining must accept specialist's recommendation before devouring Unienzyme Tablet

.Try not to take in excess of 3 tablets in multi day and keep enough hole between every measurement

.Try not to accept this solution on the exhortation of a companion or family. Also, don't give this pharmaceutical to somebody you feel has similar side effects

.Unienzyme Tablet is an over the counter (OTC) sedate. In any case, we emphatically encourage you to counsel a specialist before devouring it

.If you don't mind illuminate your specialist about the various medications that you are taking to stay away from any medication connection

.Continuously check for expiry on the bundle or with the drug specialist before purchasing the solution

.Store Unienzyme Tablet at room temperature and maintain a strategic distance from guide introduction to warm and daylight

.Unienzyme Tablet has a few uses and reactions, clients are encouraged to achieve the article altogether to abstain from forming a hasty opinion

.Papain is a catalyst that is likewise normally found in Papaya organic product

Precautionary measures 

Before utilizing Unienzyme Tablet, if it's not too much trouble counsel a specialist particularly on the off chance that you have any of the accompanying contraindications and conditions:-

Draining Disorders 

Oversensitive to Unienzyme Tablet or any of its segments 


Excessive touchiness 


Medical procedure in late time 

Unienzyme Tablet Drug Interactions 




This is a non-thorough rundown of medication collaborations and conditions that may meddle with Unienzyme Tablet. Before taking this medication, educate your specialist about the entirety of your present meds.

.Remember the accompanying precautionary measures too:- 

.Counsel your specialist on the off chance that you have a draining issue 

.Counsel your specialist on the off chance that you had a medical procedure in late time.



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